New Zealanders may return home after tsunami warning is withdrawn Currently

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders are allowed to return home after an earlier evacuation due to the impending tsunami. Meanwhile, the bigger waves passed and the warning level was lowered, according to reports by the National Disaster Response Office (NEMA) via Twitter. No one was known to have been infected.

Residents of the East Coast of North Island were dispatched at night from Thursday to Friday (local time). Remember To search for higher altitudes due to a series of severe earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean. The strongest earthquake measured 8.1 on the Richter scale.

The first tsunami warning in the morning was withdrawn, but was re-issued with a new earthquake. The warning level has now been lowered, and according to NEMA, there is no longer any danger to coastal residents. On photos Local authorities You can see how the big waves reach the shore in Tucumaru Bay.

The last earthquake was recorded on the Kermadec Islands, about 800 km off the coast of the North Island. Earthquakes also issued tsunami warnings to other islands in the Pacific Ocean, including Samoa, Fiji and New Caledonia. Warnings are still active for those islands.

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