New Zealanders want to go to the Eurovision Song Contest

New Zealand comedy duo Two Hearts have released a fun single with a message. They want their country to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, but New Zealand has never participated. Jodi Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore, who make up the comedy duo Two Hearts, hope to change this. In association with New Zealand Beer Brewery, they have released an unofficial record. The title is Eurovision (Open Up). The special spelling is Eurovision’s typical New Zealand accent. In this song that fits all modern Eurovision clich├ęs, Laura and Joseph sum up the reasons why New Zealand should take part. One of their arguments is that New Zealand and Europe belonged to the same continent about 300 million years ago: Pangea.

Although this call may not seem very serious, it is in motion Two weeks ago, the official petition for New Zealand’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest was launched. So far only a few dozen people have signed the petition. Additionally, Laura Daniels was a guest on a New Zealand news show last week to chat about her country’s possible participation. Earlier this year, the EU’s ambassador to New Zealand, Nina Obermayer, also announced that she wanted to see the country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

New Zealand’s actual participation does not appear to be a serious prospect at present. New Zealand television channel TVNZ, like Australia’s SBS, has been an associate member of the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, for many years. In principle, the respective members do not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, but the EBU has made an exception for Australia. In that country, the Eurovision Song Contest has been broadcast since 1983 and has a huge following. However, in New Zealand, the popularity of the festival is not yet huge and there is no New Zealand channel that broadcasts it.

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