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Unfortunately, there will be no races this weekend, but in the meantime, everything within Formula 1 is of course running as usual. Rick Winkelmann was able to report that Red Bull Racing’s over budget cap had to do with Adrian Newey’s salary, and also told Jos Verstappen who he considers his best teammate Max Verstappen.

Newey’s salary plays a major role in Red Bull Racing that is over budget ceiling

According to Rick Winkelman, overtaking Red Bull Racing has nothing to do with food or lunch costs, but Adrian Newey’s salary will be under discussion. At the Ziggo Sport Race Café, Winkelmann explains that the FIA ​​sees Niue as an offshore company, while Red Bull ranks Niue among the top three earning employees. Read the full article? click here

Häkkinen: “Don’t think Max will drive Red Bull for his entire career”

According to Mika Häkkinen, the Formula 1 calendar will soon be so full that key figures within the teams may stop. According to Finn, it can have a domino effect, so that eventually drivers also choose to move. Read the full article? click here

This is the preliminary weather forecast for the US Grand Prix

After an exciting and humid weekend in Japan, during which Max Verstappen won the world title for the second time in his career, we settled in Austin for the US Grand Prix after a week off. Is another wet race expected or are we going to keep it dry next weekend? Read the full article? click here

Jos Verstappen: “I think he learned more from Ricciardo”

Max Verstappen has already exhausted his career-essential teammates. The all-new world champion has dealt with five different drivers within his team in his career, and he mentions his father Guus Verstappen as his best teammate. Read the full article? click here

De Vries explains AlphaTauri selection: ‘Sister team of Red Bull’

Nyck de Vries has finally secured a seat in Formula 1 at the age of 27 and the Dutchman will lead the AlphaTauri team from next season. In the end, it was just that the driver from Sneek had options where he wanted to drive and now he’s explaining why he became the Italian racing stable. Read the full article? click here

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