News Time: The main suspect in MH17 did not know for hours about dismantling the Boeing

It took Dapinski almost two hours to figure out if this was a Boeing.  Image AFP
It took Dapinski almost two hours to figure out if this was a Boeing.Image AFP

All in all, it was about the thousands of phone conversations that Dupinsky had in July and August before and during the disaster with MH17. According to the TV show, they provide a detailed picture of the original reality of the war in eastern Ukraine.

Dubinsky was the head of the intelligence and intelligence unit at the time of the disaster. Within half an hour of the MH17 crash, Dupinsky heard from his allies that he had shot down a Ukrainian warplane. It took Dapinski almost two hours to figure out if this was a Boeing.

Records also show how Russian influence on separatists is strengthening. Moscow was involved in military strategic decisions. It is also clear that the buck missile installation comes from Russia. The Joint Commission of Inquiry, an international panel investigating the cause of the disaster, previously provided evidence that a missile was installed from the Russian military during the interim results of the 2018 military investigation. To the Missile Defense Forces of the Russian Army. Russia continues to reject the JIT’s findings and evidence.

In the records of News time You can hear how the main suspect, Dapinski, gets the news from the town of Marinovska, where the separatists are being held. They are the victims of attacks by Ukrainian snipers, artillery and warplanes. Dopinski promises tanks, but it will not work, he is told. They need a long distance block. Eventually, that stoop missile will get there. Then MH17 was shot with it.

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The Public Prosecution Service said that the fact that Dapinski and his accomplices were not aware of the shooting was not a bar to the indictment. “They were the culprits who crashed a plane and killed residents.” According to OM, the motive for this does not have to be proven.

In addition to the MH17 trial, the case against four key suspects is the responsibility of the Netherlands and Russia at the state level. The Netherlands did this in 2018 along with Australia, which lost many citizens. From a legal point of view, state liability is a difficult concept. Countries must first find themselves.

When the Netherlands again sued Russia, this time it became smaller before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The Dutch government did this to help 380 relatives who had already complained to the ECtHR. Until then, Russia had withdrawn from talks with the Netherlands and Australia. If the three countries do not agree, a lawsuit can be filed in the International Court of Justice. But Russia does not automatically recognize the power of this court. The MH17 process is not recognized in the country either.

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