NFL Week 16 Playoff Scenes: Division titles on the horizon for some teams

There are two weeks in 2020 NFL regular season, There are still playoff spots to determine.

Three AFC teams have already secured places: The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills And Pittsburgh Steelers. Chiefs and Bills captured the division titles, while the Steelers division title hopes seem to be waning.

All three NFC teams qualified for the playoffs: The Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints And Seattle Seahawks. The Packers are, so far, the only team to have won a division title.

Here are the playoff scenes that will be in place this week.

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Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are now in the playoff hunt, and a win will pay off. The team can win if they win and the bears lose or tie or they tie and the bears lose. This will be their first playoff appearance since 2015.

CLEVELAND BROWNS: The Browns have been in the playoffs since 2002 this week. There are five different ways to join the Cleveland playoffs. Browns win and the Ravens lose or die, the Browns win and the Dolphins lose or die, the Browns win and the Golds lose, the Browns die and the Ravens lose or the Browns lose the Dolphins.

Green Bay Packers: Green Bay has already closed a division title, and can get the first round bag this week. The Packers need a win and a Seahawks loss or tie or a tie, a Saints loss or tie, a Seahawks loss or tie or the Saints and the Seahawks until they finish in a die.

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Indianapolis Golds: Indianapolis play in Pittsburgh this week, which could cause a few problems in the AFC playoff film. The Colts are in an AFC North title meeting, but need some help. One win and one Ravens loss or tie, one win and one Dolphins loss or tie, one tie and one Ravens loss, or one tie and one Dolphins loss They will play at least in January.

Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs are top of the AFC, but the first round bag may come this week. The Kansas City First Round Pie wins a win or tie, or the Steelers a loss or a tie, or the Pills a loss or a tie or “a win over PIT or Puff can get the strength of a tiebreaker and a tiebreaker over another club gains at least one tie in the strength of the win.”

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams will at least make the playoffs with a win or tie against the Seahawks, a Pierce loss or a tie or a Cardinals win or tie.

New Arts Saints: New Orleans has a section title in its view. The Saints won the NFC South title with a win, or a Buchanan loss or a Saints and Buchanan tie.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh hopes to stop its skating this weekend. With one win, the team can beat AFC North. The team can win if the Browns lose or they and the Browns reach a draw.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bucks led by Tom Brady can enter the playoffs with a win or tie over the Lions. Tampa Bay can do it with a Pierce loss or tie.

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Tennessee Titans: The Titans have a shot to beat AFC South this week. A win and a Golds loss will do it. The Titans get at least one win or a Dolphins loss or a Ravens loss or a playoff berth with a tie and a Ravens tie.

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