Nhalenia Domburg gets a new look

Domburg – Domburg has been in bathing condition for many years. With many construction and decoration projects in public spaces, we always want to contribute to the image of Domburg that matches the mark of quality. Developments in the Nehalennia region are an example of this.

Beautiful new hotel designs have been made at the Zonneduin Hotel and the Nehalennia Hotel in Domburg. The designs were developed in consultation with the municipality and the Spatial Quality Committee. The initiators of these hotels give up space so that Badstraat is wider and better quality. And thanks to the extra space, the municipality can achieve a nicer entrance to the beach. The initiators are also collaborating to keep parked cars out; Parking for both hotels will be resolved outside the Nehalennia area. In March 2022, the design of the existing parking lot will be modified and made more beautiful.

positively received
The designs of both hotels have been positively received by the working groups Nehalennia and Boulevard van Schagen. In a follow-up meeting, more details will be provided on the design of the Boulevard van Schagen public area and beach entrance, along with stakeholders.

More developments
The terrain of the mini golf course has already been brought back to nature. Stenen Toko’s new building is now underway, with the goal of opening the new building before Easter 2022. The municipality will then create a large bicycle parking space behind the Nehalennia Hotel. The public area will then be redeveloped, taking into account the tourist season. Hotel Noordzee has signaled the first vision for a far-reaching renovation, which will also create additional space for Badstraat.

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