Nice summer weather starting from Wednesday | Noordoostpolder

Uncertainty in the weather forecast will increase later in the week, and the chance of a prolonged period of stable summer weather is small for now.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be dominated by the unpredictable weather, with temperatures approaching 20 degrees. On Monday in particular, some heavy rain will pass over the country and the southwesterly winds are still visibly present. On Tuesday, wind and rain will gradually decrease and this is a harbinger of calmer weather that we can expect in the following days.

Dry with more sun

An area with stable summer weather over Central Europe will also affect the weather in the Netherlands. It will be mostly dry as of Wednesday with plenty of room for sun. With this change in weather, the temperature has managed to find an upward trend. Inside, mercury heads about 25 degrees. Thursday will probably be the hottest with summer temperatures on a wide range. The highest values ​​are expected in the east and southeast.

Fluctuations are still close

In the lead-up to the weekend, the uncertainty in the weather forecast increases and volatility approaches. Summer weather may remain calm for a few days, but a few showers or a change in wind direction can bring the temperature down a few degrees.


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