“nice to see”

The US Grand Prix starts this weekend. Where the Americans were not interested in Formula 1, Sergio Perez noticed that more and more people are excited when the race takes place.

The Mexican can be found in Dallas and Manhattan on a demonstration tour in recent days and notice the energy of the crowd that has gathered along the side. “It’s great to see Formula 1 as a sport growing in the United States,” he said. Perez judges in a conversation with NBC Sports.

“You go out on the streets and maybe not a lot of people will recognize you as they do in other places in Europe or Mexico, but it definitely gets more and more. Obviously when you’re in Austin and there’s a race there, a lot of people and Americans are interested in being in Formula 1. I have A feeling that fans are enjoying this sport more and immersing themselves in it more.”

Probably the third race in the United States

The Miami Grand Prix is ​​also scheduled for next season. The FIA ​​is said to be considering allowing a third race in America in the future. Las Vegas or Indianapolis would be possible.

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