Nick de Vries problems? Helmut Marko responds to sales rumors about AlphaTauri

Nick de Vries He has barely joined his new employer AlphaTauri, when black clouds are already gathering over his head. A won lawsuit was his only motivator, and the impending sale of the new AlphaTauri team isn’t exactly motivating. What’s more, the Frisian can’t do much about it himself. At most, speed up (even) more and score points. But that’s his goal for 2023 anyway. Helmut Marko He admitted in Bahrain that Red Bull is not happy with AlphaTauri’s results, but insisted any potential changes – including an outright sale of the team – would be decided by the energy drink company’s shareholders. Auto Motor und Sport reported on Saturday that Red Bull’s new executives, who succeeded the late Dietrich Mateschitz at the helm of the company, were no longer happy with Red Bull’s investment in the company. AlphaTauri, due to the team’s poor results. Red Bull is now considering either selling the team or Faenza moving to the UK to improve cooperation with Red Bull Racing and cut costs.

Nick de Vries barely got into his new job
Lord AlphaTauri, or the dark clouds will gather again

poor performance
There’s no denying AlphaTauri’s performance will be below par in 2022. The team, which serves in part as a training ground for young Red Bull drivers, finished last year’s P9 season humbly in the Formula 1 constructors’ standings. Asked about the rumors that surfaced in Bahrain on Saturday, Marco dismissed the rumours, while acknowledging that AlphaTauri is under a magnifying glass.

Alpha_Tauri_2023_trac Bahrain Front

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“We generally don’t comment on rumours,” Helmut Marko told Sky. “But it is also understood that AlphaTauri cannot be satisfied with what it achieved last year, finishing ninth in the Constructors’ Championship. But this decision to sell rests entirely with the shareholders.” If the team wasn’t doing so well, it wouldn’t have helped AlphaTauri to use the same Honda-based engine that powers the Red Bull. And the team relies on Red Bull’s list of interchangeable parts, although this year’s AT04 actually uses more components designed in-house at Faenza.

Nyck de Vries in 2023: “Accelerate more and score points”

Synergy is inactive
But AlphaTauri’s current synergy with Red Bull Racing doesn’t prove efficient enough in terms of cost-cutting. “You’re thinking about how you can increase efficiency,” Marco added. “And when you have a team that wins the world championship and one close behind in ninth place, that synergy doesn’t seem to work very well. The overall result is not satisfactory,” the Red Bull motor coach admitted. “As real businessmen, our shareholders are making the right decision.”


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