Nieuw Boekhorst, a space for greenery and archeology

The Municipal Executive has adopted a “Memorandum of Principles” for the zoning plan for the Nieuw Boekhorst housing project. This is another important step for the new residential area of ​​Voorhout. The note explains how the various choices, desires, points of interest, and specific requirements of a housing plan are translated into concrete starting points.

Lots of green spaces and water

Much attention has been paid to greenery and water in the residential area. The green main structure and major waterways form an important basis of the housing plan. Archeology is also of interest. Both Boekenburg Castle and Molenplaats are on the southeast side of the Nieuw Boekhorst. Not much has been built in this area.

Nature’s Eye

De Driehoek Nature Reserve is located next to the Nieuw Boekhorst. This is outside the Nieuw Boekhorst residential area, but is included in the plan. One important reason for this is that this area is used as a habitat for the Naturjac frog. The harvest garden can also be moved here, which is currently still in the development area. Located between Noordelijke Randweg and Haarlemmertrekvaart is an area that is part of the Dutch Nature Network. The triangle is directly related to this. This provides opportunities to create green structures within the plot area that are also compatible with this.

Sustainable living in modern villages

town Tillingen We are committed to a clean, safe, green and sustainable living environment. With the houses, the municipality is aligned with what the residents want. This creates a better traffic flow and different types of housing continue to exist. So that it is an enjoyable life for all: old, young, vulnerable, families, singles and emergency seekers. Alderman Marlies Volten: “Through the Memorandum of Principles, we offer the best guarantee of a green and attractive neighborhood with good facilities. In the coming period, we will continue to work closely with the five project developers in order to come up with a clear comprehensive plan for the area.

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New Boekhorst continued

Now that the memorandum has been approved, the municipality is developing a design zoning plan for Nieuw Boekhorst. At the same time that the zoning plan is drawn up, the urban development plan and construction plans for the houses are initiated. The Memorandum of Principles will be discussed with the City Council on September 19 at a meeting to form the picture, at which point no decisions will be made. The council is expected to make a decision on the draft zoning plan in the fall. This design will then be made available for review by residents with the opportunity to provide their views on the design.

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