Nieuwe Boschdijk becomes green, with more space for cyclists and pedestrians

Boschdijk will undergo a makeover from the end of next year. Within the Eindhoven Ring Road, the busy road will be treated, with more green space, space for cyclists and pedestrians, and fewer parking spaces.

Local people He was saying years ago Something must be done. In 2017 there was Even the initiative of the citizens I started. For example, cars go very fast, and there are few places to cross. Moreover, the sidewalk on Boschdijk is worn out and everything is empty, with lots of stone and concrete and little greenery.

The new design should make the road more livable and safer for cyclists and pedestrians. For example, there will be crossings in five places within the Ring Road. More space for cyclists and pedestrians is also provided with separate tracks. In addition, there will be more trees and facade gardens. The number of parking spaces will be reduced, from about 200 to 150 in total. That’s enough for residents and visitors, according to the municipality.

There will also be a green water tank. This is to prevent flooding during rains. The maximum speed remains 50 kilometers per hour. Traffic lights at Marconiplein, Zernikestraat and Pastoor Petersstraat will remain in place.

So the renewal will start at the end of next year. Work should be completed in the summer of 2023.

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