Nieuwegein wants to give space to cyclists, Fitzersbond criticizes plans

NEWEGEIN / NEWEGEIN – The Municipal Executive wants to improve public transport in Neuegen municipality and provide more bicycle parking facilities at bus and tram stops. This should stimulate bicycle use.

In its ultimate vision of mobility, the Executive Municipality offers more bike space. He wants to focus on more comfortable, direct bike connections. Cyclists should be given priority often. Smart traffic lights allow specific traffic flows to be prioritized over others, depending on location and time of day. The panel notes that, and partly due to the popularity of e-bikes, there are opportunities to allow Nieuwegeiners to ride longer distances to get to work.

The bicycle highway

The municipality’s plans to stimulate cycling coincide with the district’s plan for a bike highway from IJselstein via Nieuwegein to Utrecht. Utrecht province has made a preliminary design for this road. There are three busy junctions on the Nieuwegein part of the road. The commission writes that cyclists and public transport on these important roads will be given priority “as far as possible”. This includes balancing the flow and safety of all road users.

Fietsersbond criticizes these plans, because the commission does not put cyclist’s interests first by looking at the influx of all road users. Clarion Wiggrave, Fietsersbond Nieuwegein Chairman: “The cyclist will never fulfill his promise of getting priority, if in the end the flow of the car is more important in the plans.” In addition, she believes that the bike should be prioritized over passing buses. “Relatively few people in Nieuwegein use public transportation. Can’t you always get on the right track on the highway?”

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Counselor Kelly Physi (VVD) doesn’t understand Fietsersbond’s dissatisfaction. Vizy: “There are certainly still bottlenecks on the bike highways that have to be addressed. But in this vision there is a lot of room for bicycles and there is talk of a shift from car use to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Moreover, the spatial integration of intersections is difficult in an overcrowded city.” Moreover, she notes that the plans, “what and where”, have not yet been drawn up. Wegerif states that the starting points must be clear in order to achieve a good effect.

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