Nijmegan in the race for the best European vacation spot | Nijmegan EO

NIJMEGEN – The best holiday destination in Europe 2022? It may be too close to home. Nijmegen, among others, was recommended by the European Commission’s EDEN network: a site that promises sustainable tourism.

A total of twenty European sites have qualified for the prestigious title. The only Dutch candidate on the list is Nijmegan and is mentioned in the same breath of world cities as Rome, Istanbul, London and Prague.

According to the Eden Network, Nijmegan is a ‘real target’ and ‘one with the soul’. Furthermore, the site describes Nijmegen as ‘the oldest city in the Netherlands’ and ‘one of the youngest cities in Europe’ considering the students, events and festivals.

Previously, the English daily The Times, Nijmegan also ranked high in the top 12 of regular holiday destinations. Nijmegan was just below Scandinavia, but 6th in the Roukumara forest in New Zealand.


From today until February 10, everyone will be able to vote in one of the twenty locations through the EDEN Network website. The winner will be announced on February 10 and will be selected as the Best European Place of 2022.

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