Nikkie de Jager became the “Glow Up” participants “shock” Currently

Nikkie de Jager now has a lot of TV experience, but that only adds to her role Glow up She had to get used to it. In the competition in which ten makeup artists were competing to win, she was a member of the jury and thus was unable to chat with the participants.

“I just got over.” Makeup cup Sit on it where I was a jury member and presenter and I really had to get used to my role. I really enjoy chatting with people, and picking up things from them. This is what I did here again, because that’s what I am now. The guidance came to me: “That was beautiful! But Roxeanne (Hazes, you die.” Glow up Displays, editor) do. Haha! De Jager, who is completing Hazes’ show for the first time, says in a chat with

So the distance to the participants was a little greater than they are used to. Jury members De Jager and Pernell Kusmus quickly discovered that the makeup artists found it exciting when they got in. De Jagger: “It was a few days later, when we suddenly realized that the atmosphere was very different when we came. The candidates were really afraid of us, these poor people. But we were always fair, and we always gave nice comments.”

Kusmus making his television debut Glow up I enjoyed seeing the work participants. “It’s a competition and so sometimes they have to get things done in a very short time. But this is the case in real life. Sometimes you only have 15 minutes to make the actress as beautiful as possible, while at the same time they are also arguing. It’s with her manager and someone is with her.” We are really making people ready for the world. “

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From Van Maxima’s makeup

Kusmus has been in the business for over 35 years and in addition to makeup on countless fashion shoots, he has also done makeup for Queen Máxima. “Erwin Olaf asked me to help him with a big project in 2011. Nobody should know it was Maxima’s makeup. I almost threatened my sister, because I really had to tell someone, but she wasn’t really allowed to go through her mouth.”

“Maxima was very elegant and very cute and I chatted with everyone. I had 25 minutes to put on her makeup and Irwin told me exactly what he liked and what he disliked about her previous look. I asked her,” What do you want? ‘ But she said, “You are the professional.” She said the look she created was timeless, so the photo could have been taken today. I’ve loved it, and it’s still the highlight of my career.

Kusmus sees talents among the participants who can go further. “You see a motive and especially that some can handle criticism well. This is necessary, because in our profession you have to deal with a lot of opinions and there will always be someone who finds them ugly. You have to be able to deal with that. Deal with it and be able to say: Then we adapt it.”

De Jager saw that participants grow up with each assignment and thinks the viewer will understand it, too. “It’s not a traditional competition, the makers also show the people behind the participants. It has love, both from the participants and the makers.

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Glow Up can be seen from March 15th at Videoland.

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