Nintendo responded to a fan request asking about Raman’s smash

Raman as seen in Pravalhalla

One of the most popular requests for executable characters Super Smash Brothers. For many years, this was Ramon from Ubisoft.

It was actually added as a soul with Nintendo’s all-star propeller buitThe odds of him appearing as a playing character seem minimal – especially now that it’s Ubisoft No. Take advantage of the fact that Sakura has a few holes in Fighters Aisle 2.

But that doesn’t stop a fan from ordering the beloved Ubisoft logo. New Zealand based smash fan – named Dial On Twitter – he sent a letter to Nintendo in the US last year – Smash asked Ramon, to which Nintendo has already responded in a surprising way.

In short – although there is no clear “yes” or “no” rule, a Nintendo representative was happy to send this advice to “other divisions” within the company. Sure, it doesn’t really convey the message, but the message is very elegant. Some free bookmarks included!

There has been a lot of talk about adding Ramon to Smash Brothers. In fact, as a playing fighter in the past, Ubisoft said the whole thing was good for him many years ago:

Ever wanted to see Ramon participate in Nintendo’s hit fight series? Share your thoughts below.

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