Nissan and Renault are stepping up cooperation in developing electric cars

Nissan and Renault are stepping up cooperation in developing electric cars

Nissan and Renault will cooperate closely in the production of batteries, core parts and the electronic engineering of electric vehicles. In doing so, they hope to give a fresh impetus to the struggling coalition after the departure of Carlos Ghosn.

The head of operations in April and second man Ashwani Gupta said this during an interview with Reuters. Nissan and Renault will standardize electric vehicle components as closely as possible so that they can be used optimally together. “This will contribute greatly to economies of scale,” Gupta said.


Nissan has been sharing platforms, drives and other parts with Renault for years, but in Gupta’s words, “the limit has been reached”. “We are now in the process of accelerating future synergies and using electrification as the mainstay.” Renault CEO Luca de Meo has already hinted at a closer electric vehicle collaboration with partner Nissan. Gupta also confirmed that Nissan has no shortage of electric vehicle batteries because they are purchased in China, Japan, Europe and the United States.


Previous numbers show that Nissan has left behind the worst crisis. The severely collapsed production has seen a rapid increase again in recent months. For example, 392,139 cars were manufactured worldwide in March, half an increase over the same month last year. It doubled in China, while production in Japan was a quarter higher. For the entire fiscal year through the end of March, production of 3,797,187 cars was still 17 percent lower than the previous year.

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