Nitrogen area due to pig farm processing

The 2021 Aerius record is now available. With the opening of AERIUS Register 2021, nitrogen space comes from Scheme of Support for the Reform of Pig Farms (SRV) Available in nitrogen logging system.

Primarily, this nitrogen space is available for housing projects and some road projects. The space that is not used for these purposes is to legalize a limited number of PAS notices and zoning plans for housing.

With the amendment of the Nature Conservation Regulations, the new version of the AERIUS Register is now legally required. As a result, the remaining space in the national daytime top speed reduction on highways has been removed from the nitrogen logging system. The reduced top speed will still apply, but it will not save nitrogen space for the nitrogen logging system.

Use of nitrogen space

With the AERIUS Register, relevant authorities (such as counties) can reserve the nitrogen space that becomes available through measures and allocate it to activities that require nitrogen space. This is done via the nitrogen logging system. When the AERIUS 2021 registry was opened, the nitrogen logging system was filled in with a portion of the nitrogen space that arose from the subsidy scheme for decontamination of hog farms. When allocating available nitrogen space, priority is given to applications for housing projects and some large infrastructure projects.

The remaining nitrogen space is available to legalize a limited number of PAS notifications. And also for zoning plans for houses (the so-called groups of residential projects). Municipalities can submit requests for this to the county. Eligible PAS Reports for the remaining space of the Nitrogen Scoring System will receive a letter from the relevant authority in August. These notifications depend on, among other things, the location and size of the nitrogen space required to legalize the PAS notification.

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Environmental assessment of the effects of nitrogen

Prior to the release of AERIUS Register 2021, an independent environmental assessment of the effects of nitrogen in the Pig Farm Reform Support Scheme was conducted. This investigation confirms that there are no negative consequences for conservation goals in the Natura 2000 areas due to the discontinuation of commercial activities. This is an important condition for the use of nitrogen space for permits.

In addition to the environmental assessment, an accountability document was also developed for how the nitrogen release space was created. An addition to the previous environmental assessment was also made to reduce the national speed. These documents are included as attachments to this letter.

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The Nitrogen Scoring System is specifically designed for granting housing permits, a number of major road projects and the legalization of PAS notifications. With questions about AERIUS Register 2021 You can contact Help Desk from BIJ12. For questions about your specific project, you can also contact the relevant authority.

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