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NEWGEIN – Team VEGABV 6 libre C2 become Dutch champion in Nieuwegein. All five games turned into profit.

Job van den Odenhoven

Last updated:
10-07-22, 21:56


The three matches in the group stage ended 4-2. Michael Gaspersey and Dennis Hoeggester always guaranteed victories, and Ari van den Hoeven lost matches. The latter won the semi-finals, just like his teammates, but again not in the final against the Hangijzers of Eijsden.

VEGABV has created something unique in Zeeland pool. The club went to the Dutch national championships with three teams and came home with the silver (last week for the C1 team) and gold.

The women of the southwest delta region also drew gold from the fire. Busima Lukim was beaten 4-2 in a bloody final. Cynthia Van Beer won all her matches, and Sylvia Eckel and Caroline Eversdijk lost only one match.

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