NLO-WVM-TeamNL Team Model Has ‘Golden Back’

Loud cheers go off, as Frank Husmar has just secured team gold for the Paradressuur Orange Quartet! And so the NLO-WVM-TeamNL Paradressuur knocks Denmark, which has a very strong home game here, from its throne. Sunny Voyts: “We got the gold back!”

Sanne Voets, Frank Hosmar, Demi Haerkens and Lotte Krijns all show their absolute world class at Herning. The tune was set yesterday by a former rider with a Demantur RS2 (by Vivaldi, owned by RS2 Dressage Center). The gold combination set a world record in the fourth grade individual test. When Demi Herkens and EHL Daula (by Gribaldi, owned by EHL Horses, B. Swinkels, R. Swinkels, B. Eugene) repeated the silver on Wednesday yesterday, a glint appeared in the eyes of national coach Joyce van Roygen-Heoyetinck. Can the NLO-WVM-TeamNL Paradressuur repeat its 2018 feat?

Lotte Krijnsen and Rosenstolz (s.Rotspon, Krijnsen family owner) advance today to fifth in the third division (71.412%) and Lotte smartly secures a place in Freestyle on Sunday. However, Denmark’s top competitor has amassed an impressive total of points after this score, and the payback should have come from Frank Husmar. The mission was clear: anything over 75.3% would give NLO-WVM-TeamNL the Gold Medal. With plenty of pressure on his shoulders, Frank Hosmar began his testing with the Alphaville NOP (by Sandreo, owned by F. Hosmar and A. Hosmar-Keekstra) with a big smile. A solid start, but the score drops slightly in the middle of the test. How sexy! Frank presses his last test and then we have to wait for the official final result. The commentator starts, but the orange team has already seen it on the scoreboard and starts cheering: 75.786% for Frank and gold for the Netherlands!

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tears in the eyes
It’s hard for the national coach to believe: “Tears in my eyes! Motherland Denmark made this tournament incredibly exciting. In the third division, the Danes rode really hard and we made all kinds of calculations up front about how high the Danes could score so we still had chance and what Frank had to achieve next.Then in the fifth degree the lowest score went up from Denmark and Frank had to go up a little bit, so the tension really increased.He was driving beautifully and focused and then waiting for the results.It was just as exciting as Tokyo and then we failed The win. Then behind Great Britain and now we beat the Danes. It wasn’t that easy before. Of course I kept my eyes on the competition this season, who scores the score. The house advantage can also do wonders, we took advantage of that ourselves in Rotterdam. In addition, we have Two new players are with us and they also have to maintain their composure, but our team did a great job. The dream scenario and this gold medal give wings for the future.”

Medals thanks to the owners
One of those newcomers is Demi Haerkens, and the result is impressive so far: individual silver and team gold, with Freestyle remaining on Sunday. The rider hereby gives full credit to the owners of EHL Daula: “Rianne and Paul Swinkels of EHL Horses noted: ‘Go and find a horse for the sport. “Finally we found Daula, who bought it and put it at my disposal. Ryan and Paul are there for every match and support me every time, I owe them so much. It’s great to have people like this behind you.”

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plow for paris
A top 6 ranking would be sufficient to qualify directly for the Paris Paralympics. “Well, we made it,” Chef de Equipe Joyce van Roygen-Huettenk smiled. “It could be this whole quartet, but of course we know who will be the fittest by then. Hopefully the rest at home will be inspired to be part of this club and train hard so they can go to Paris as well. Of course we still have a few more Good reserves like Maud de Reu and Britney de Jong are also very strong. I was also confident of a good result, if someone pulled out with those reserves.”

Denmark Silver, USA Bronze
The Netherlands won the national battle with a total of 230,225 and is narrowly ahead of Denmark (229.751%). Bronze eventually went to Team USA with 225.335%. Tomorrow the top 8 groups for each score will begin in Freestyle, for TeamNL all riders have qualified for this one-on-one final fight.

Nations Cup result:
He went Netherlands – 230225
Frank Husmar (Harley) and Alphaville Knop, 75.786%
Sanne Voets (Berghem) & Demantur RS2 NOP, 78.415%
Demi Haerkens (Helmond) & EHL Daula 76.024%
Lott Krijensen (Enschede) and Rosenstols (71.412%)
silver Denmark – .229751
Bronze United States – 225,335

The medal ceremony will take place tonight, photos will follow later.

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