No book, but a green solar car at the start of Children’s Book Week at Der Porch

How to get kids excited about sustainability? Melanie Demkes, a teacher at OPS der Porch, had an idea. He invited his sister’s team working on a solar car for a race in Australia. The start of Children’s Book Week was the perfect occasion to stop the fossil-free drive at the primary school.

A board member of the Top Dutch Solar Group puts it shout out Inside “Okay guys, here he comes….”

“GI-GA…GREEN!”, Team 6 of the OBS der Porch shouts back. The theme of Children’s Book Week rubs off with enthusiasm among schoolchildren. Kids marvel at the technological feat of the bright green solar car.

“I have asked a lot of questions, so I think the kids will find it interesting,” concludes Loka Demkes. As a communication student, she was involved in the Solar Challenge in which her team participated. The car, which can be seen today at Der Porch, was previously driven in Morocco. “Now we’re preparing for a race in Australia. From the northernmost point to the southernmost point.”

When Sister Melanie asked to go to school in Der Porch, north of Trento, she couldn’t refuse. “And I thought it was a great idea. It also fits together, because our theme is the same concept as Children’s Book Week: ‘Gee-ka-green.’ And our tagline is ‘Gee-ka-green,’ our shout out It’s ‘g-ga-green’. Everything is ji-ga-green,” he concludes.

Here’s how kids react when they see a solar car:

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