No camp for princesses, but heavy military summer camp: new photos show Belgian Princess Elizabeth in action | News

maximum concentration. It can be read on Princess Elizabeth’s face (20). Not surprising, because the bar is high during the Royal Military Academy (KMS) summer camp. The purpose of the camp is to practice and develop acquired skills – such as patrol and leadership techniques. Stress resistance and fatigue resistance are also tested.

“The group is divided into teams of eight. They have to give orders and carry them out in an orderly manner,” says Lt. Col. Isabelle Vanhavermaet. “The main goal is to go ahead in the field without seeing you. Both day and night. They should monitor at their destination and then return to brief their teammates as fully as possible.”

Princess Elizabeth completed her abbreviated KMS training last year, but she is still allowed to participate in the annual summer camp. She may also meet her brother, Prince Gabriel, there next year. He is now beginning his education in social and military sciences. Meanwhile, the princess is studying history and politics at Oxford University, where she has successfully completed her first year.

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