No more racial discrimination in American football injury lawsuits

Racial discrimination will not be used in the settlement of claims from players in the NFL, the Major League Soccer in the United States. The NFL promised that after some black players sued about it.

Black players who had suffered brain damage from years of playing the sport had long been paid less than white players with the same complaints. The thinking behind this was that black players had “less cognitive function”.

This standard arose in the 1990s with the aim of providing appropriate treatment for dementia patients. In addition to gender, age, and education, discrimination on the basis of race was also made. But the NFL used the standard to determine the payments of former players who sued for brain damage. “Standards were developed to stop testing bias, not implementation,” the League now says.

little confidence

The NFL’s obligation may also include compensation for black players who have been harmed in the past. But they don’t have much confidence in that.

“Words are cheap. Let’s see what they do first,” said former striker Ken Jenkins, who was and his wife. petition It was drafted on behalf of NFL friends who have experienced brain damage. The petition against racial discrimination has been signed 50,000 times.

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