No more room in Formula 1 at Red Bull due to the arrival of Max Verstappen: “I have fallen to the bottom …”

Jean-Eric Virgin Had to leave Formula 1 when the talent Max Verstappen at Carlos Sainz He came to Toro Rosso. “It sank to the bottom and I had to stay cool until I got back together!” Said Virginie! For the French, there was no longer a place in the Red Bull family. After his departure, he was followed by a test at Toyota of the LMP1. However, it did not lead to a seat. The driver now tells how he finally made his way to a spot in one of the Peugeot LMH cars for the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship.

Jan_Eric_Vergen_2 x_ABB_Formula_E_World_Champion

When I left F1, I did a test drive of Toyota, Virginie told Autosport in England. I guess when I took the test, I wasn’t strong in mind and mentally. I was not in the right place, at the right time. So it didn’t happen, Toyota didn’t hire me. I didn’t have a seat. I still have a Formula E, but personally, it was just as important to do Blowman, it’s always been my dream.

She asked my managers to call everyone at LMP2. I wanted to stay in prototypes, and didn’t want to go GTs, because I think it’s hard to go back to prototyping after that. He told me, look, it’s not the best team, it’s not the best seat, but we have a chance to ride in a manor. I said well, cool.

It was tough, the team had no money, and it wasn’t doing well at all. We had a fellow hobbyist who was having fun, but in terms of cycle times he was way too far, so I knew there was no chance of a result. And above all, I was not paid for it and had to pay for everything myself, like hotels, travel and flights, but I saw it as an investment.

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That year, I think it was in Fuji, I met Roman Rusinov. We had dinner and auditioned for the G-Drive team at the end of the year. it went well. I learned a lot on this team. It was an investment. It wasn’t easy to think I was exiting Formula 1 and Toyota didn’t want me. It sank to the bottom and I had to calm down to get back together. Although the Frenchman has yet to achieve success at Le Mans, he thinks so At Peugeot, however, his performance stood out. For example, he was denied victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2018 by adjusting the fuel supply. In addition, there was a malfunction in 2019 due to an electrical problem, so that the victories missed the driver.

I think Peugeot and anyone who takes a closer look at the performance sees the difference in the average period, the qualifying laps, they can analyze how well things are going, Virginie continued. I am always with the best drivers in LMP2. Last year it performed very well, and in the car I felt really good. I became more confident, as I enjoy driving Le Mans and all the other circuits at ELMS en WEC.

Journey to the Top for Jane Eric Virgin, his journey to two ABB Formula E Championship titles:

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