No more standard laboratory research: GPs ‘better not to do these things’

Burgers says the guidelines are not intended to elevate the GP access portal. “But if a doctor explains well why you do not need medication or follow-up tests, you are less likely to hear it again in the future.” Burgers are not afraid that this will change the relationship of trust between doctor and patient. “The bond between doctor and patient is important. We do not want our side to back down. But we want to avoid providing a consistently consistent examination.”

In de Volskrant, the GP, which is not involved in research, Dosage Walkenberg says a photograph or laboratory research can also help prevent meaningless observation. “Usually I think this is a successful list, but I miss the argument that you sometimes use diagnoses to prevent further treatment from an expensive medical professional.” You never stop talking, Walkenberg says. “Sometimes I say: Well, you get the photo, but if it really shows that there’s nothing wrong, we’re on my way.”

Health expenses

The list does not seem to fit well with the vision of the future of the Coalition Agreement, which states that the health care system urgently needs to be reformed. For example, the cabinet wants to prevent over-treatment (if the treatment is no longer effective for the patient) and pay more attention to prevention rather than treatment. Also health agency Launched in May Was the focus of ‘appropriate care’ in a campaign.

According to the Institute, sanitation is at risk of becoming unaffordable and staffing levels will increase in the coming years.

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Here’s a look at how fast spending has increased in recent years:

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