No new season of ‘Supergirl’ without Melissa Benoist

The CW was clear: Without Melissa Benoist, they saw no future in a new season of the series.

in october celebrate ArhmThe tenth anniversary of the universe. The success of the original series was followed by a series of spin-offs, which firmly established the capital within Warner Bros. Television. despite of super girl is not a direct cross from Arrow They are pretty much in the same water anyway. The actors look back at the series.

The series became very popular between 2015 and 2021 as one of the few DC shows featuring a woman since Lynda Cater’s amazing woman in the seventies.

Although the beginning super girl On CBS, The CW took over the series from its second season. At the end of the sixth season, Girl of Steel revealed her true identity to the world, getting rid of her double identity. all’s well That ends well?

future of super girl
During a conference in the United Kingdom, several cast members from super girl together. Someone made a big reveal. One fan in attendance was kind enough to tweet about the reveal.

Without the heroine, there would be very little of the series super girl† A wise choice or a waste of a successful series?

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