“No one really has an idea of ​​what size Max Verstappen will be.”

And on Sunday evening, the talk show De Oranjezomer discussed, apart from the Dutch national team’s elimination at Euro 2020 after a 0-2 loss to the Czech Republic, Max Verstappen’s impressive victory at Red Bull in Austria. According to René van der Gijp, it is very unfortunate that not a single Dutch channel or production company is willing to buy the rights to broadcast Formula 1.

“I don’t think anyone has a real idea of ​​how big Max Verstappen is,” Van de Geigb said on Sunday night. “Really, this guy has potential. It’s such a shame that no channel can respond to him.” He was referring to the fact that in 2022 the rights will not be with Ziggo, but with Nordic Entertainment Group.

Max Verstappen undervalued
“In England there are whole (TV) stations just for this?” Follow Van der Jeep. “They showed it all there. They do it well at Ziggo, but these English… are races from the past, and everything.” According to table companion Johan Dirksen, something like this was untenable at a given moment.

De Snor believes that as Verstappen becomes more popular, non-Dutch parties become more interested in broadcasting the sport. “How does Ziggo want to fund this?” Dirksen replied jibe.

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