No Sidewalks, Everybody’s Happy: A Campaign by Residents and Businesses for Tidy Sidewalks

Aldermen Miriam Wignia and Philippe Bruxma gave the first shot of the “Stoep free, everyone is happy” campaign on Tuesday, in the presence of entrepreneurs and residents’ organizations, among others. Through the campaign, which will last about a year, the municipality of Groningen will work together with residents, businesses and visitors to keep sidewalks clear. The window times area is also expanded.

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City Councilor Miriam Wijnia: “Everyone can help keep the sidewalk clean. For example, by putting your bike in a rack, booth or shed. Entrepreneurs can help by placing their porches within the permitted space and leaving enough space on the sidewalk for pedestrians as well.” to billboards and displays.

The window’s timezone also becomes larger. Commercial vehicles and trucks may enter or exit the window times area between 05:00 and 12:00. Beyond that, an exemption is required. Window times have been in certain downtown locations for many years. Alderman Traffic and Transport Philip Broeksma: “From February 1, 2023, window times will apply within the entire Diepenring, in the Westerhaven shopping district and in the Sledemennerbuurt. For example, in the busy times in the afternoon and evening, there is less car traffic in the city center It provides more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bicycle parking zone, which already applies to the area around the Grote Markt, will also apply to the Zwanestraat and part of the Oude Boteringestraat from 1 February. In a bicycle parking area, cyclists are only permitted to park their bicycles in a rack, cabin or shed, so that there is more room for pedestrians.

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