No silicone but belly fat: Breast implants are less safe than you think

It also happened to Angela van de Leist. She had implants for fourteen years, until she became very ill. “I was always cold, I was constantly dehydrated and my teeth started to ache everywhere from the first leg,” she tells EditieNL.

These side effects made Anzila’s life miserable. “Eventually I had to go to the toilet every 15 minutes.” So she is very happy with the news of how harmful implants can be. “I don’t know if getting sick from your implants is one thing.”

The AVROTROS Consumer Program Radar reports that HAN University research has been published in the medical journal JAMA. 400 women were examined with solid or liquid breast implants. In 87 percent of these women, implant particles were found elsewhere in the body, including the brain. In 92.5 percent of women, inflammatory reactions were found in the body.

Body fat

To qualify for breast augmentation, there are two options: “Have your own body fat, you need to have enough of it, and silicone,” plastic surgeon Ali Brayesh explains to ADTNL. “If you’re too skinny and fat, that’s not an option.”

This fat must be properly harvested and refined before use. “In all of those aspects, it’s likely to go wrong and it may be less beautiful. It’s still possible with cancer or breast reconstruction after a small cup.”


But should we now move away from silicone implants altogether? “All artificial sweating, we always know. A very small percentage of women have some complaints that have never been shown to be particularly related to silicone.”

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This new research shows that new silicone prostheses sweat. “But we do not see women with a greater number of complaints from this. You have to change them every ten years. And if you are psychologically too hard for you to have small breasts, you need a lot of risks to take a million.”

According to Prayesh, we cannot avoid risks. “If you do not want to cause any side effects, you should not take them. It’s very simple. If you never want to fall, you should not ride the bike.”

Unfortunately switching to another subject does not seem to be the solution. “Over the years, many products have been tested. Unfortunately, but fortunately, silicone is the most favorable material.” For example, experiments have been performed with soy-filled prostheses. “But it didn’t work.”

Nevertheless, more research is being done to find an alternative. “But they are not there yet. For a lot of women, especially women with breast cancer, or women who do not actually have breasts, silicone is the solution.”

Self love

Anzilla believes that people should now think more carefully about taking breast implants. “I hope we can move to a society that accepts us. We embrace ourselves as we are.”

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