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There is no space

Such as Endress + Hauser. Compactly constructed pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and Awzi plants hinder the measurements. Required accuracy requires, for example, half a percent (or better) at least five times the diameter of the tube. Often there is no problem with small tubes. But when the diagonals grow, they often take up space that does not exist. Current solutions with tapered inner diameter gauges sometimes cause other problems. Think about an additional pressure drop.

Accurately measure water flow

From Ultrasound measurement technology It has always been possible to measure the velocity of fluid flow with multiple paths. By measuring and averaging the velocity of fluid flow at different levels in the metering tube, it is possible to compensate for disturbances in the flow coil. Similar technology is now also available for electromagnetic flowmeters. Thanks to this technology, the straight run counter is no longer needed. Without loss of precision and without loss of pressure, the Promag meter can be fitted directly behind the bend.

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