No way! Netflix devises a way to combat shared accounts

Do you share your Netflix account with your father, mother, sister, bff Neighbor or anyone? good for you – And your wallet – but Netflix isn’t too happy about it. For this reason, the streaming service comes up with a way to keep track of shared accounts.

200 million Netflix subscribers

from search by Gamma Wire It turns out that half of Netflix’s 200 million subscribers share their accounts with multiple people. This works well, as you can watch series from as many devices as possible. If there are too many people on one account at the same time, the streaming service will sound the alarm, and you will have to fight it yourself who is allowed to watch a series at that time.

Of course, Netflix isn’t happy with anything but these joint accounts. So the streaming service has devised a special verification method to find out exactly how many people you share your subscription with.

confirmation code

Netflix is ​​currently testing with a special verification code. You will receive a popup while gluttony of your favorite series and then you are asked to provide a verification code. You will receive this code via email or text message. If you don’t do it fast enough, you won’t be able to use Netflix until you create your own account. Well, this means that a large group of Netflix fans still have to create their own accounts.

Anonymous users

We can hear you thinking: “Then you ask your friends or family what verification code they would use?” A Netflix spokesperson said this check is designed for users using another Netflix account, without the official owner knowing about it.

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So you share an account with you close ones, There doesn’t seem to be much going on. But to your extree leaves To request a verification code…

Source: Grazia | Photo: The Bold Type

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