Noah Lang laughs at Louis van Gaal’s reaction: “It would be boring if everyone were the same.” | football

You can laugh for a long time after one day. “What the national coach explained in the press conference, he also explained to me. I shouldn’t do those provocative things,” said the 22-year-old, who received a yellow card in a meeting with Anderlecht on Sunday because his head was against that of his compatriot Wesley Hoodt. Also kind of my identity, it would be boring if everyone was the same. Van Gaal appreciates that, too. But it must be the right way. In the end I’m with the Dutch national team, so I’m going to do things right.”

At Ajax, Lang received a reprimand from coach Eric Ten Hag about two years ago during a cup match against Telstar. “You have to shut up, listen, just do it,” said the coach. “Now stand up. It’s our game, not yours.” Not long after, Lang left for Belgium and all went well. He quickly became one of the most distinguished players in Bruges.


“I made that choice very consciously. The Belgian league is somewhat comparable to the Dutch league, except it has more fitness, running and flying. In Eredivisie, everything is a bit more technical,” says Lang at Zeist. „In Club Brugge, I get more freedom and can walk around a bit. Although I have to do my homework of course. But I don’t have to stand against the line all the time. I’m a player who can create something from scratch, and that’s more possible than a freestyle role.”

Lang’s good performance, in the Champions League as well, did not go unnoticed at Zeist. Former national coach Frank de Boer was already thinking of Lang, but he never came in contact. He brought in Van Gal Lang, also because he currently only has one real option for a right wing position with Stephen Burgess. Lang plays in Bruges from the left, but he managed to impress the national coach. “If you’re a good soccer player, you can play in all positions,” says Lange, who is looking forward to this week with Orange. “It would be great to play against Gibraltar in De Queep on Monday. In my city, that would make it complete.”

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