Norris cheers on stage after stage: ‘Australia GB is not a fluke’

Andreas Seed is pleased with the progress McLaren has made over the last Grand Prix weekend. During the first race of the season in Bahrain, the British team was far from competitive, but since then the team has progressed. While Seidl is satisfied, Lando Norris knows that McLaren still needs to take some action to stay truly competitive.

Emilia Romagna Norris managed to finish last on stage during the Grand Prix. This creates McLaren’s good results in Melbourne, with Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finishing fifth and sixth, respectively. “It is gratifying to see that there is consistency and that Melbourne betting is not a fluke,” Seidl said.“MCL36 is a really good car and it provides a solid foundation for the improvements we will make in the future.”

The boss of the German team is very satisfied with the result obtained in Imola. Nevertheless, he also knows that the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing is currently wide. “Under normal circumstances we have shown that we can be very competitive. It’s definitely hard to hit a podium if nothing goes wrong with Red Bull or Ferrari. PerformanceBut it’s about having a good weekend, we did it.

Norris: ‘Take the next step’

Despite the positive results in Imola, Norris still sees many areas for McLaren’s improvement. He wants to take the British driving team to the next level. ‘We still need to make progress everywhere. In sum, the next phase of action has not yet been taken. We know the balance in the car is good, but in the corners we are slower than some other teams. Of course we have to take action everywhere, but it’s wise to focus on the specific points first, “Norris said.

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