Norris counters Verstappen on Drive to Survive: ‘You can decide for yourself what to broadcast’

Lando Norris is happy with the success of Netflix campaign to survive. The British driver disagrees with Max Verstappen’s earlier words and speaks full of praise for the series.

Drive to Survive has managed to grow into a sensation on the popular streaming platform Netflix. The series in general has developed many new fans of the sport. Verstappen announced early on about the US Grand Prix that he was not a fan of the series. He felt that its makers usually take a lot of things out of context and alter them to create more sense. For this reason, he decided not to participate in the series anymore.

Power with the driver

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For Norris, that feeling is very different. gives the opposite It indicates that he has a great deal of power over what is used in the series and what is not used. “I think it’s all right. You can often decide for yourself what’s on and what’s not. Max isn’t seen much, is he? He doesn’t participate, right? I’m happy about that, because I think it’s a great concept,” as says the British guy.

Not like an idiot

Another season is planned for next year as well. The McLaren driver is already looking forward to it and notes that he also occasionally sees parts of the series. “Of course I hope I won’t be portrayed as a bad guy or an idiot. But I think they’re doing a good job. I watch them now and then, but I don’t watch entire seasons or episodes. For me it’s all right, although of course I can’t speak for Max” .

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