North-Bowland opens new travel information point: ‘In-depth information from the Internet’

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The North-Bowland Tourism Office closed in November. Since then, there has been no place to get information, so the municipality has opened this tentative tip: “This information point will remain open until April 2022. It will allow us to see exactly what we want and where we are. We want to go, we want it,” Alderman Anja said. Slender said.

Zeeland Tourism Offices closed a few months ago because tourists can find all the information on the internet. According to Slender, this does not preclude the need for an information database: “Not everyone is digitally competent. It’s fun to keep asking questions. You’ll be able to help a little more here.”

DIP provides information on the Northeast-Bowland Island: “We have a municipal guide, bad courier, and we have many flyers, brochures and tickets from entrepreneurs. “

The organization of the DIP will be in the hands of Daniel Pettit from FerroTaprade. In his store, a corner has now been created for the tip: “This is very different from my store, but I have a background in services. I’m very happy to link my store to the information point. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to help more people.”

Pettit has lived in Nord-Powland for about 11 years and studied Nort-Powland even more last year. However, she thinks there is always something to learn: “Of course I can not fully assess the questions and needs of tourists. I will gradually learn more and find what people want to know. It is a learning process.”

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