North Korea claims the right to use nuclear weapons

North Korea will never give up its right to use nuclear weapons. That’s what North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said when he unveiled the law on the use of those weapons. By doing so, he closes the door to talks on détente with arch-rival America.

The new law says, among other things, that the country’s leadership is justified in using nuclear weapons if it faces ‘attack by hostile forces’. But without waiting for Pyongyang to attack itself, a ‘pre-emptive strike’ may be necessary.

The law was passed by parliament in Pyongyang, which is controlled by the Communist Party led by Kim Jong-un. His statements make it clear that meaningful negotiations with the regime in Pyongyang are now out of the question. In previous negotiations with the United States, denuclearization and denuclearization have always been central.

Sanctions don’t appeal to Kim

But Kim has now made it clear that denuclearization is out of the question. “America’s goal is not just to get rid of our nuclear power, but to eventually make us surrender or weaken our right to self-defense.” Kim later said the US wanted to overthrow the North Korean government.

The North Korean leader is not impressed with the US and United Nations sanctions against his country. “Let them allow us a hundred days, a thousand days, ten years or a hundred years. We will never give up our right to self-defense in order to temporarily alleviate the problems we are experiencing.

According to foreign observers, these issues are now serious. In addition to economic sanctions, North Korea is struggling with a poor harvest and the ongoing coronavirus crisis, although Pyongyang recently declared that the fight against the virus is over.

South Korea will spread the coronavirus

South Korea reached a dictatorship in the North on Thursday. The government in Seoul proposed new talks to allow meetings between family members living on different sides of the demilitarized zone that has separated the two countries since 1953. These talks were last held in 2018.

Relations between North and South have been strained again in recent times. Kim also accused South Korea of ​​knowingly spreading the coronavirus to the North.

Four years ago, there seemed to be a chance for relaxation. After Kim met South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump met in Singapore. Friendly words were exchanged in Singapore, but no firm agreements were made. A year later, Kim and Trump met again in Hanoi, but the meeting ended in failure.

After a brief lull, North Korea has ramped up missile tests again this year. Observers expect the country to conduct its nuclear weapons test in 2017 soon.

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