North Korea fires 10 missiles, South Korea retaliates with fighter jets | Currently

The South Korean military said North Korea fired 10 different types of missiles on Wednesday morning. One of the missiles hit less than 60 km off the coast of South Korea. In response, South Korea fired three missiles toward the North Korean border.

Seoul said the North Korean missiles were fired east and west. He sounded the air raid sirens on the remote South Korean island of Ulyingdo, after which people plunged into the air raid shelter. One of the missiles hit less than 60 km off the southern coast of South Korea.

It is the first ballistic missile to hit the territorial waters of South Korea, according to Seoul. South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol immediately announced a “quick response” to the recent “provocations” from the neighboring country. According to the South Korean military, fighter jets launched three precision missiles towards North Korea’s eastern border.

The North Korean launches came just hours after Pyongyang demanded that the United States and South Korea halt large-scale military exercises. The message was “This military recklessness and provocation.”

Since Monday, the US and South Korea have carried out mock strikes with hundreds of warplanes throughout the day. In October, North Korea launched several missiles. According to leader Kim Jong Un, Those shots Part of a tactical nuclear exercise.

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