North Korea launches ballistic missile again | Currently

North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward the Baltic Sea, also known as the Sea of ​​Japan, Saturday night into Sunday. Seoul talks about a “serious provocation” by North Korea and says it is cooperating with US forces.

The South Korean military reported that the missile traveled 600 km and reached an altitude of 60 km. According to the Japanese Coast Guard, the projectile fell into the sea, outside the so-called Japanese economic zone.

The North Korean missile launch comes a few days after a US aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea. And that ship, the USS Ronald Reagan, is in the region to conduct military exercises to deter North Korea.

It is the first time in nearly five years that a US aircraft carrier has been in South Korea. Next week, US Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to visit Tokyo and Seoul, among other places.

Pyongyang has conducted a record number of weapons tests this year. It also amended the Nuclear Weapons Act earlier this month, now making it possible for North Korea to be the first to carry out a nuclear weapons attack. The country also says it will never give up its nuclear weapons.

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