North Korea launches ballistic missiles again

France Press agency

NOS . News

North Korea conducted another ballistic missile test. According to Japan and South Korea, two projectiles were fired in the east direction.

These are short-range missiles, the South Korean military reports. They traveled about 350 kilometers and then ended up in the Sea of ​​Japan, outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Japan’s defense minister described the missile tests as unacceptable. He ordered an investigation into the type of missile and where it was launched from. The possibility that the missiles were launched from a submarine should also be taken into account.

Seventh missile test in a short time

Today’s missile test is the seventh since early last week. Earlier this week, Pyongyang launched a long-range missile over Japanese territory. The projectile reached an altitude of 1,000 km and ended up in the Pacific Ocean 3,000 km from the coast. In response, fired South Korea and the United States A barrage of missiles at sea.

The North Korean exercises are said to be a response to the joint military exercises of South Korea, Japan and the United States.

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