Norway closes its borders to travelers and UK launches quarantine hotel | right Now

Norway will close its borders to almost all travelers on Friday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said Wednesday afternoon. Only if travelers had a compelling reason, would they still enter the country. The UK also imposed travel restrictions on Wednesday: Residents from 22 high-risk countries are now required to go through quarantine, which is overseen by the British government.

According to Solberg, Norway is currently still controlling both the original coronavirus and the British coronavirus variant. “The number of injuries is decreasing,” the prime minister said.

However, Solberg believes it is necessary to temporarily close the borders to ensure the health of the Norwegian population. She emphasized that this measure also affects migrant workers. In practice, the borders will be closed to anyone who does not live in Norway. The Norwegian government wants to reassess the situation within two weeks.

The British government also announced measures to deter travelers on Wednesday. Travelers from 22 countries are now being asked to quarantine. to me British journalists It mainly relates to travel from South Africa, Portugal and South American countries.

Passengers are transferred from the airport to the so-called quarantine hotels. “Nobody is exempt from this rule,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. Once in place, travelers must stay home for at least ten days.

Accommodation costs for the traveler. So far, travelers can be quarantined at their own addresses. However, the UK has tightened many rules since the start of January and is in lockdown. On Tuesday, the country passed the negative milestone of 100,000 deaths, the fifth largest in the world.

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