NOS Journaal is in trouble with a technical problem: “This also doesn’t work” | Displays

NOS Journaal closed at 12:00 noon today after approximately five minutes due to a technical fault. After several attempts to deal with the news, announcer Jeroen Tjipkema realized it wasn’t going to work. “Are we really going to stop now? Yes, we will stop,” he said live.

Tepkema explained the Hamburg shooting, but when he announced the accompanying photos nothing happened. “There is something wrong with the picture,” he concluded. The clip aired shortly thereafter. This seemed to solve the problem, but when reporter Wouter Zwart had to be called because there was more information about the perpetrator, things went wrong again. “That doesn’t work either. Let’s move on to the next topic,” Tjepkema said.

The broadcaster started off in good spirits about an additional €105m earmarked by the Ministry of Education for further support for students, but indicated that things did not go according to plan when no pictures emerged again. “Yeah, that won’t work either. We have a technical problem,” Tjepkema said. “Are we really going to stop now?” he asked. So as soon as possible new news, hopefully with pictures.

He. She NOS News From 13:00 passed without any problems.

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