“Not like it used to be”

For the first time in years we are witnessing a real battle for the Formula 1 World Championship. We have to go back further in time to find a title fight between two different manufacturers, but 2021 has it all.

Bee Formula 1 coffee employment Ziggo Sports Analysts discuss how to distribute the odds for the upcoming races. Are circuits for Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton? In short, they think the next four races are in a good mood for Verstappen: Turkey, the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Upcoming races for Verstappen or Hamilton?

“There is nothing in between, they are equal in every circuit”, is the opinion of Robert Dornbus. “It’s no longer the same as in the past, that Mercedes is ahead by half a second every weekend.”

Tom Coronel, however, has a warning. “I don’t know if you’ve seen Monza, but Max was always four-tenths short”, replied. “I also thought Hungary was a 100% Red Bull track, but then it was equal, and Max didn’t win it. Before that I saw that Red Bull was stronger, but there is a clear difference between a Red Bull track and a Mercedes track.”

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