Note that this Android software update is actually malware

Are you receiving a notification about a software update for your Android phone? Then it will be very important in the coming period that you pay attention to where you are directed to after clicking on it. Don’t install apps outside of the Google Play Store – no matter how reliable they are.

Malware update system

With more frequent software updates for Android, it’s also important for users to keep an eye on this. However, it is important not to just install apps that claim to install updates on an Android device, according to a report by security researchers from Zimbrium That’s across TechCrunch It has been published. Malicious people try in various ways to get users to install the app, something that is not found in the Google Play Store.

After installing the app from outside the Play Store, it will disappear from your apps list. So, unless you check the list of apps with your phone, there is no trace of this malware app. This makes it easy for malware developers to collect data that is not visible on the device. According to the researchers at Zimperium, the app collects, among other things, images, messages, and location data from the device.

Note that this Android software update is actually malware

Malicious people are trying to trick you with reports, Image: Zimperium

Additionally, a software update app can control your phone to enable the camera or microphone remotely. It’s also amazing how the developers thought about the app’s data usage. To limit data usage, the app does not send full images, but only the so-called thumbnails. Researchers say that by limiting data usage, it makes it harder for users to become familiar with the malware application.

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Not in Play Store

Zimperium CEO Shridhar Mittal calls it “easily the most advanced (app) we’ve seen.” Mittal is working with his team of researchers to track down similar apps it expects to find out there. It is not known exactly how malicious parties spread malware – they could be targeted attacks.

Finally, Zimperium security researchers worked with Google to verify if the app is present on the Play Store. Researchers say this is not the case. However, it is still unknown how Google will block the app from the Play Store if malware developers choose this path. A Google spokesperson refused to respond to TechCrunch’s question.

If you ever receive a notification of a software update, never install (external) applications. In principle, all software updates are handled by the system, no external application is required. Have you ever come across such an app, or even installed it? Be sure to let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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