NSVV scores an important victory over MZC’11

Goalkeeper Jarmo Hartgers defends his own goal – Photo: Karen Hartgers

NSVV and MZC’11 put an exciting and exciting game of football on the mat. Both teams did not give each other a second rest and went full for a three-pointer. In the first half there were few clear chances and the two goals were evenly distributed. NSVV took the lead in the second half. MZC’11 began to send an increasing number of men forward and NSVV threw itself into every goal attempt for MZC’11. On the flip side, there was plenty of room for a few well-groomed but unused counters. With rattling armpits, the crowd heard the final whistle from referee Uitterhoeve after a tense 98 minutes.

In the first half, the crowd was already amused without seeing great chances. Both teams put a lot of pressure on the ball and didn’t give each other any room to get close to the enemy’s goal. Then there are always the dead match moments that can cause danger. NSVV’s first goal was a free kick taken by Jasper Huismann. The ball is spinning in the middle of the crowded penalty area. In the chaos, Boyd van Andel manages to chip the ball towards the goal and through the foot of the MZC’11 defender, the ball heads towards Jeroen Voshart. Full power up front, Jeroen reaches the ball earlier than the MZC’11 keeper and passes the ball inside. NSVV thought they could rest with the lead, but in the last minute MZC’11 also got a free kick. Specialist Luuk van Vossen deflected the ball to the near post, where Sander Backx came in front of his opponent and headed inside the ball.

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In the second half there was a great header from Boyd van Andel towards the cross, which was saved by MZC’11 goalkeeper Thijs Roombouts. NSVV took the lead after an hour of play. Peter Jan Kazander was running a nice solo and was knocked down by an MZC’11 defender just outside the box. The Numansdorp formation still fails to play the game in a smart way. An example being that it was not the MZC’11 player who received a yellow card for the hard foul, but instead the NSVV player protesting. For example, the game ended with six stupid yellow cards for NSVV players who could be finals-killer suspensions in a few weeks. It was a form of justice that Jasper Huismann’s free-kick had just been deflected by the wall, so that the free-kick fell into the net out of reach of the keeper. In the last half hour, the pressure built up on MZC’11 and the entire NSVV team fought to maintain the lead. Should the ball still be passed, there was always reliable NSVV goalkeeper Jarmo Hartgers on goal. On the flip side, there was plenty of counter space. NSVV has the dynamism and speed of the team to make quick saves. So the biggest chances were for NSVV, but NSVV lacked sharpness in the last minute for the match locking goal. In this way, the match remained exciting until the last second and NSVV finally managed to celebrate a hard-fought victory.

The Zuidland match was cancelled, which is why NSVV had a lead over Zuidland to six points. NSVV is free next week and on Saturday, April 15th, NSVV will play at home against three seeded Hellevoetsluis. NSVV had a very tough time against Hellevoetsluis and didn’t get past the draw. These will be important weeks. NSVV has a wide range and is a great footballer in this category. With a little farmer’s cleverness, it should be possible to achieve the goal of promotion.

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NSVV setting:

Jarmo Hartgers, Jerzy van Bergen, Michael Owens (5H Euron van der Ree), Jesse Fortis (82H Jacques van Emmeren), Fabian Corbijn, Peter-Jean Casander (77H Mitchell Lofrens), Jeroen Fuchart, Shord Hofstede, Boyd van Andel, Wessel Schwenk (77H Wessel van Haren), Jasper Huismann

Rest mode: 1-1

Final standings: 1-2

Scoring progress:

30H Min 0-1 Jeroen Fochart

45H Minimum 1 – 1 sander packs

60H Minutes 1-2 Jasper Huismann

written by: bass cutters

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