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جيولوجي آخر ، أوكان تويزوز ، كن عليه أن أرضين قد تكون بالقرب من بعض خطوط الصدع ، ولكن ليس عليها. "أمانوس (تسمى هذه الأيام جبال نور ، محرر) تقع بين خطوط الصدع. ستكون الأرض قد اهتزت بشكل أقل عنفًا هناك." هناك شعور بالهزات ، لكنها أقل شدة من تلك الموجودة على خطوط الصدع.

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Afspelen knop

Learning from past earthquakes

Architects being Also note that Erzin has few buildings over four stories high. Many buildings are also separated from each other. A building that collapses (partially) does not drag other buildings with it.

Elmasoglu has been the mayor of Erzin since 2019. By far, most of the buildings in the city were built before he started his term. Some have been standing for more than sixty years, despite the many earthquakes in the area. The city has learned to live with earthquakes for quite some time now.

In Erzin pakten mensen het dagelijkse leven snel we see op.

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