Nump George Bennett misses minutes: “He was finally empty”

Nump George Bennett misses minutes: “He was finally empty”

Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 8:36 p.m.

George Bennett believed in a good assortment before the start of Giro di Italia, but the New Zealand climber is almost nine minutes behind leader Attila Walter after six stages. It was tough for San Diego during the rainy season.

The leader of Jumbo-Wisma had to leave the group of favorites at the beginning of the final climb, was able to return with the help of Goyan Bowman, but then the lights definitely did not go out. In that line, the damage turned out to be great: Bennett lost seven minutes to riders like Egan Bernal and Remco Evnepol.

“We came here to ride a class with George,” sports director Audi Engels later responded. “We have to be realistic now and decide that the project can be put on hold for the time being. George was completely numb from the cold and eventually completely empty.” Engels tried to help Bennett in the final.

Freedom for Tobias Foss
“We gave him dry and warm clothes and tried to give him as much energy as possible. With Goen’s help he was able to get back on the final climb, but after that it really happened. However, when the INEOS grenadiers took that step, the three of us went in the right direction,” Engels explains.

Tobias Foss now seems to be getting the Carde Blanche – Photo: Core Voss

In the final, Tonias Foss was allowed to drive at his own expense. Young Norway managed to minimize the damage and are now eighteenth in the rankings, 1:53 behind Walter, who wore the rosette. Engels: “Eventually we called for Tobias to go for his own opportunities. Tobias has shown a good performance. ”

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“He was behind it. Above all, he must continue to do so. Also, everyone is well done. We need to make different plans for the rest of this Zero.”

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