Nycke Groot comes back to the decision and wants to go to the Olympics with his handball players | the Olympics

Handball player Nycke Groot wants to participate in the Olympics with the Orange team. The game distributor ended her international career in January 2019, but is now returning to that decision. Groot (33) played with the Danish Odense last season. You will stop playing handball after the games.

Groot became Denmark’s champion last weekend with Odense, where he also plays Lois Abbingh and Tess Wester. Groot’s return after Istafana Pullman’s injury is a huge surprise win for national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade. Groot is one of the best handball players in the world.

Grote has played 141 international matches so far, in which she scored 439 goals. In December 2018, she won the bronze medal at the European Championships in her last match with Orange. When Manu (National Coach Mayonadi, Editor) called after Istafana was injured again, I had an unexpected itch. I was surprised that I liked it and suddenly got so excited about it. I’ve thought about it and talked about it with friends and family. My friend said do you regret things you don’t do or do? Then I thought; you are right. I want to do it. “It feels good,” Grote said.

Groot will be discontinued permanently after summer. “I know it’s the last anyway. It would be great to see another Olympics. This is something very special for every athlete. It’s very difficult to get there. Not many countries participate and the handball selection can only consist of 14 players. It’s a huge achievement to be over there “.

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