OBS Prince Willem Alexander’s Board of Directors at Eext: ‘We are ready to build a new school’

The Board of Directors of the PrimAH university organization is pleased that the municipality of Aa en Hunze has chosen the site of a new building for the Prince Willem Alexander School in Eext. According to PrimAH, the existing building no longer meets the requirements of a modern primary school.

Mayor College and Aldermain also see the school’s current site as the ideal location for a new building. The choice will soon be submitted to the city council, which has the decisive vote in choosing the site.

Meanwhile, the school board can’t wait for a new building. Pupils from different classes rarely meet at the school, says Primah Principal Jeroen Kleberg. Half of the children are taught in the basement, and the other half have a classroom upstairs. Herein lies the gist.

“It’s not a very practical building,” Kleberg describes. “There are steep stairs in several places and it’s quite hidden too.” “Everything is a little cramped here, while you meet a lot in a building with more space. This is important for us in a social village like Eext.”

In addition, a number of rooms are now used for various purposes. For example, the teacher’s room is also a spare room and a storage room for all kinds of things from school. There should also be more space at the front of the building, so that parents who take their children can wait away from the main road.

Watch the report on the new school building in Eext (the article continues below the video):

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