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Ocean Race | Follow Tertiary Cape Town – Itage with live tracker and blog

Ocean Race |  Follow Tertiary Cape Town – Itage with live tracker and blog

This article will be updated when the contestants go to Itajoy in the third leg. This article will be updated if anything happens or cool footage is found. Once the boats leave Cape Town and are not in sight of land, live tracking is available to monitor the boats 24/7.

Ocean race

Sea Race | Holcim won the in-port race in the Port of Cape Town

Yesterday at 1:36 pm

Ocean Race | Holcim-PRB won the second leg by fifteen minutes at Biotherm

From Cape Town to Itajai

The third leg takes a field of five Imoga yachts from Cape Town to the other side of the world. The finish line is drawn in Itajai, Brazil, some 12,750 nautical miles from the start. It is estimated that these boats will take a month to complete.

Apart from the length, the route has one challenge after another. First passing the Cape of Good Hope, then Cape Lew, the southwestern point of the Australian mainland, and finally the oh-so-infamous Cape Horn. It can get really scary here…

Once this Southern Ocean coaster is complete – read more details in our preview on Leg 3 – it will take a northerly course for the final journey along the Argentine and Brazilian coast to Itajai. This level is very difficult and can earn double points. First before crossing near the western tip of New Zealand, then at the end of Itajai.

Ocean Race | Holcim-PRB won the second leg by fifteen minutes at Biotherm


The Holcim-PRB team won the first two stages, but that offers zero guarantees. Who knows, if Holcom-PRB doesn’t improve on the way to Brazil, it might even have to give up its lead position. For example, a lot is expected of a fourth-place finish in Team Malisia, but all things must remain intact between the inevitable glaciers. From boats to foils…

The third phase of the Ocean Race will be a real challenge for man and machine!

Ocean Race | Team Malicia Goes Crazy With Noise – “Like You Want To Sleep In A Discotheque”

Lead the 2022-23 Ocean Race

Stage 1 starts on January 15: Alicante (Spain) – Cape Verde
Stage 2 starts on January 25: Cape Verde – Cape Town (South Africa)
Stage 3 starts on February 26: Cape Town – Itajai (Brazil)*
Stage 4 starts on April 23: Itajai – Newport (USA)
Stage 5 starts on 21 May: Newport – Aarhus (Denmark)*
Stage 6 starts on June 8: Aarhus – The Hague
Stage 7 starts on June 15: The Hague – Genoa (Italy)

* Double pointed platform

Ocean Race | Route – Seven stages starting in Alicante and ending in Genoa

IMOCA class participants

11th hour racing team
GUYOT Environment – Group Europe
Team Malisia
Biotherm Racing
Holcim – PRB

Ocean Race | What are the differences between Imoca 60 and VO65?

Where are you looking?

You can follow Ocean Race 2022-23 closely via Eurosport and Discovery+ channels. Thanks to the widget, you will be able to monitor live even during the seven stages where the boats are sailing somewhere in a sea or ocean. The battle against the elements in this gruesome sailing race is an unprecedented challenge and creates the most amazing images, which we share with you in full. Commentary is provided by Robert Reimering and former participant Gert-Jan Bordmann.

Ocean race

Ocean Race | Watch the Port Race Imoca 60 Class live in Cape Town!

Last night at 11:22 PM

Ocean race

Ocean Race | Preview Leg 3 – The longest leg with three caps challenging man and machine

20/02/2023 3:15 PM