“Of course you only live once,” says Norris on Hamilton.

Although new teammate Daniel Ricciardo is entering his eleventh season in Formula 1, that is not a factor in the team’s duel at McLaren this season. Ricardo may have more experience than the British, who says nothing, according to the latter. Lewis Hamilton also expects the eighth world title.

Defeat Ricardo? “ The fact that he’s new to the squad doesn’t make much of a difference to him, ” says Norris Sky Sports, Referring to Ricardo’s experience in the premier motorsport category. “On the other hand, his experience is not an excuse for me if he wins the team duel,” adds the 21-year-old driver. Norris expects a “fair match” between the two at McLaren. I am really looking forward to the competition between us. I can learn a lot from it.

“He will probably get his eighth title this year.”

Presently, Lewis Hamilton is the pride of the UK in Formula 1. With seven world titles, the 36-year-old is the record holder, along with Michael Schumacher. Norris finds it difficult to predict when his fellow countryman will leave the sport. “He likes a lot of things outside of Formula 1,” he knows. You only live once, of course. If you win eight world titles, you must be very happy.

I think he (Hamilton, Editor) knows very well what he wants. He also wants to enjoy life outside of Formula 1, “continues Norris. Time will tell. In the meantime: he is likely to win his eighth world title this year.

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