Ohio Police are quick to publish footage of a 16-year-old girl being shot dead

Police in Columbus, USA, released faster-than-normal body camera photos of a policeman who shot a black teenage girl yesterday afternoon. You will be 15 or 16 years old.

“We don’t normally publish information as quickly as we do now,” Columbus Police Chief said a few hours later. “But we do understand the public’s need for openness and expectations about it.”

Knife attack

Almost half an hour ago Pronunciation In the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis, someone in Columbus called the police. Police said he said the women tried to stab the journalist and others.

Pictures from his camera show that the agent who arrives first is trying to calm those present at home. Almost immediately, a woman or girl to his right is attacked by a teenage girl and a man. Immediately after that, the teenage girl attacks another girl or woman.

All this happens in a matter of seconds. The officer already pulled out his rifle and shot four times, after which the girl fell, fatally wounded. A kitchen knife is located on the floor next to it.

View body camera pictures of juveniles here:

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